Pebblecreek Himalayans and
We are a very small CFA registered cattery in Northeast Oklahoma
and Tennessee.  Our goal is to continue to raise genetically sound,
healthy kittens with beautiful type and sweet personalities. Each and
every kitten is raised in our home and given individual attention and
love which helps build their own special personalities.  Please be sure
to check out our new chocolate point himalayans and lilac point

We are pleased to work with lines from Brigantina, Polonez,
Whisperwood, Demiara, South Paw, Oakheaven, Purringwood,
Castlegate, Parti Wai, Inthewind, Catillak, Rhamjoge, Catley Crue,
Madame Nu, and Desert Winds just to name a few.

There are a few people we would like to say thank you for your help  
and faith in us.  Irina and Vladimir Mishin of Brigantina, and
Barbara Bosco of Castlegate.  Thanks for helping us get our start.  
You have been the best!

At times, we will have pet quality and/or older adults that we will
sell to  loving, cage-less homes.  Please be aware our selection process
is quite strict, as we are very concerned about the well-being of each
and every pet we place. If you feel you qualify, and are interested in
having a cat or kitten placed in your home, please contact us.

Please enjoy your visit to Pebblecreek, and we hope you will visit us

All pictures and printed material in this website are property of Pebblecreek and are not to be
reproduced or duplicated in anyway without the expressed written permission of Pebblecreek
Himalayans and Persians  Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited
Please note our new phone number
(615) 944-1558